Manufacture Services

Fanmas Group Manufacture Services diversified into the following services
Plastic Injection Room 2015We design and manufactured a full set of equipments and installation for Plastic Injection Mold. It has a precise and unique design with its advanced technology specially adapted to work with any plastic materials for your Industrials need. With the capabilities of experienced personels and experts, state of the art working equipments, We can guarantee your satisfaction.

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Plastic Blow Mold Service on manufacture - Fanmas GroupFanmas Group Blow Mold has well over five years in the blow molding industry providing a wide range of blow molded products. The advantage here is that we have everything at our factory in Bekasi, Indonesia. From the beginning stages of sitting down with our engineers to having a final complete part in hand. We offer a wide range of blow molding equipment from 5 grams all the way up to a 5 lbs blow molded part.

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Plastic Mold Maker Services by Fanmas GroupFanmas Group Mold Maker is a business division of PT. Fanmas Teknologi Indonesia whose specialized in Plastic mold maker production in two based system of single shot plastic injection moulding and plastic parts, and double shot injection molding and plastic parts. It is a unique model of success in Indonesia Plastic industry for automotive and Electronic components.

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Electric Mechanical Construction Services by Fanmas Group or fanmas teknologi indonesiaOur electrical and mechanical construction division provide a turnkey based project for a small to big plant installation worldwide. Fanmas Teknologi Indonesia strive to ensure the successful installation to our clients. FANMAS GROUP is a proven global leader in electrical construction services – it’s where we come from.

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Plastic Second Process Services by Fanmas GroupPlastic Painting is one of our secondary process service to put coloring variations on plastic product or parts to make them ready to assemble into an integrated plastic products. Other Fanmas Group plastic processing services is the Plastic Printing Service, as one of secondary process in plastic manufacturing. Plastics secondary Process offers production resource capabilities that can manufacture a single plastic product through full assembly in turnkey basis.

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Fanmas Group - Metal Stamping Services on ManufactureAt Fanmas Group Business Division, we have the metal stamping or pressing division that are dedicated to meet your sheet metal needs for a superior and outstanding service. As an Indonesian leading precision metal fabricators and metal stamping manufacturers, we promote a fair and honest pricing, open communication, and customer-driven solutions. We strive to implement best-cost manufacturing while providing innovative industrial and design engineering.

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Fanmas Group Food and beverageFanmas Food and Beverage products are made from a finest and selected ingredients to ensure its freshness and quality with its good nutritions for our health. Our Food and beverage products are easy to serve to substitute your daily meals. For food and beverage companies, business is always a race. With Fanmas Group Food & Beverage, you get the tools you need to speed innovation

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Wana Nature Division

Manufacturer of raw materials for Natural Herbs and Spices. Since Indonesia is the largest herbs and spices producer in the world, we encourage you and all of our valuable customers with our strength point on natural resources we had. Our main products are dried chopped Herbs and Raw Dried Spices in a high quality and purity as usually used for traditional medicine and spices manufacturer.

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Maruhachi and Meiwa Visit on fanmas group workshopBuffing Process on Fanmas Group Workshop - This process makes the surface smooth producing a high luster and mirror finish if desired. This is done with the use of buffing wheels and buffing compounds. Buffing can be divided into two steps; cut buffing and color buffing.

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Non Manufacture Business Divisions

Fanmas Group Business Range and Services on B2B Related
Beauty Salon, body, and hair treatment on Fanmas Group business divisions.We also provide a beauty care services on our beauty salons. This services are applicable to men and women in this age of lifestyle. Our salon network are backed up with a high qualifications of beauty therapist and practitions for your comfort. Fanmas Group Salon is a full-service beauty salon dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price/value relationship. We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work.

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Education divisions on Fanmas GroupFanmas Education covers elementary education programs to a professional training for specific profession. Our Education methods are practical based with a skill oriented result. We also provide a flexible payments to our students. Fanmas Group Education have built and are maintaining a sustainable business for the benefit of all our partners, customers, clients and team. Our surpluses are solely used to strengthen and re-invest in the company to maximise our reach and our positive impact. Our business is based on the people who work for us, their skills and abilities and their collective determination to achieve our purpose and goals. As an accredited provider of education business services we develop the future workforce by delivering work-related learning and engaging employers in education.

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Fanmas Group general trading divisionsFanmas General Trading manage all trade commodity to meet the balance of demand and supply. Our general trading division will professionally handle any of your required commodity and deliver our best price together with its quality. Fanmas Group General Trading is one of the most power full companies Import and Export of various commodities and services from and to (Thailand, Indonesia China, India, Pakistan, and the East Africa to the Global Markets. Fanmas Group General Trading operates under the following business segments: Plastics Product, Grains, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Commodities, Frozen Foods, New/Used Cars, Wet Blue Leather, Petroleum and Petrochemical products.

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Fanmas group logistics international and local delivery servicesOur logistic division is one of the most important management. It handled all our own distributions and deliveries beside serving general clients and companies for their transportation needs. Since its establishment in 2012, as a PT. FANMAS TECHNOLOGY INDONESIA and experienced development is one of his business LOGISTICS or better known as FLI Express, our endlessly evolving as a company engaged in the field of Courier, Cargo, Export / Import, Custom Clearance and Warehousing for domestic or international destination.

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Fanmas group rental property divisionsOur rental property company will serve you with the best deal of your demanded property. Our service coverage currently available in Indonesian main cities of Java Island. This service will be the best choice for startup companies to a new families. The rental property agents at Fanmas Group specialise in finding and marketing rental properties to suit both commercial and residential purposes. Equipped with years of experience and in-depth knowledge, Fanmas Group professionals are dedicated to the Indonesian real estate market and are trained to help you achieve your property goals.

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Our Client Testimonials

Fanmas Group Service Excelence and Feedbacks
  • We have been supported by Fanmas Group services of plastic injection and plastic mold. For those who knew the SHARP Electronics quality will know, fanmas is the part of those quality.
  • We have been partner in last 8 years with a great business relationship as usual. Fanmas Group is a very valuable assets for us toward the future cooperation.
  • Best quality industry in plastic injection, our orders has been perfectly delivered in a timely manner. Fanmas is second to none in plastic industry.

Our Clients

Some of our regular clients
  • PT. Ichikoh Indonesia
  • Ichikoh industries (thailand) co.
  • PT. Sharp Semikonduktor Indonesia
  • PT. Paramount Bed
  • PT. Maruhachi Indonesia

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