Head Office Fanmas Group

Head Office Fanmas Group

E stablished in 2012 Fanmas Teknologi Indonesia, PT is a Manufacture of Moulding and Stamping process for Automotive & Electronics Parts. We are proudly present our management as "The Best Manufacture for Smart Technology". Powered by key personal experts on their specialities , our company have been fastly growing and gain a high credibility among competition and deliver the best service assurance to all of our clients in the industry. In our one roof management, we bound our diversified services under Fanmas Group as our service uniform and practice. We also environtmental oriented manufacture and put a wide concerns including Environment, Fire, Product Safety and Industrial Health & Safety. By Fanmas Group performance of excelence, our company have been certified by ISO 9001 : 2008 for our Quality Management Standard. That certification is a proof for our high quality service grade including our products with its premium qualities. We can handle and maintain our clients trust and confident, moreover we also give them value added service to rise our clients satisfaction. Fanmas Group, welcome you to join our diversified services below:


  1. Plastic Injection Mold, Blow Mold, Metal Stamping, Mold Maker, and Second Process ( Plastic Painting, Printing, Full Assembly ) for Electronic and Automotive
  2. Electric & Mechanical Construction
  3. Food and Beverage

Non Manufacture:

  1. Rental Property
  2. Logistics ( Export & Import )
  3. General Trading
  4. Beauty Salons and Bridal Makeup
  5. Education

For more information about our products and services you may Contact Customer Service, or please navigate around our website otherway you're welcome to download our Company Profile on Download Page.