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Wana Nature Products

Brief of Wana Nature:

We are a manufacturer of raw materials for Natural Herbs and Spices. Since Indonesia is the largest herbs and spices producer in the world, we encourage you and all of our valuable customers with our strength point on natural resources we had. Our main products are dried chopped Herbs and Raw Dried Spices in a high quality and purity as usually used for traditional medicine and spices manufacturer.

Procurement of Raw Material:

Procurement from the indonesian best cultivation and collection areas:
  • Local and National contract cultivation
  • Worldwide markets for herbs and spices raw material supply
  • Development of sustainable supply structures
  • International project work and supplies

Product Range:

We have almost all kind of natural herbs and spices available in Indonesia as a semi-finished materials (in Chopped and Dried condition and powders). Some of our featured products are as follows:
  • Daun Sirsak Rajang Kering
  • Daun Sirsak Serbuk
  • Daun Meniran Rajang Kering
  • Daun Meniran Serbuk
  • Umbi Temulawak Rajang Kering
  • Umbi Temulawak Serbuk
  • Sereh Serbuk
  • Sereh Rajang Kering
  • Temu Kunci Rajang Kering
  • Temu Kunci Serbuk
  • Tumeric /Kunyit Rajang Kering
  • Tumeric/Kunyit Serbuk
  • Etc... (Please call for more products availability)

Who is Our Best Customers?

  • Industry and trade of the spices manufacturer, branches food, pet food, pharmaceuticals, and or traditional beverages.
  • Retail of the areas of health food, pharmacies, specialist retailers.

Some of Wana Nature Products

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