Fanmas Group Blow Mold has well over five years in the blow molding industry providing a wide range of blow molded products. The advantage here is that we have everything at our factory in Bekasi, Indonesia. From the beginning stages of sitting down with our engineers to having a final complete part in hand. We offer a wide range of blow molding equipment from 5 grams all the way up to a 5 lbs blow molded part.

Blow Molding Process Diagram

Blow Molding Products of Fanmas Group

Blow molding makes hollow parts, such as containers or a bottle. We create a part by extruding a tube of hot plastic, called a parison, then we close the mold on it, and pinch the tube at the bottom, welding it together, and then we blow air at the top of the mold, which seals the top of mold then the parison gets inflated to form the part. The mold opens and the new part drops out.

Remember a Successful blow molding project starts with our engineers’ involvement early in the development process. Our engineers work with your team to ensure that your part meets functional requirements and is manufactured with a stable process to ensure consistent results. Our teams of engineers have the expert knowledge on selecting the right material for your application.

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