Plastic painting Plastic Painting is one of our secondary process service to put coloring variations on plastic product or parts to make them ready to assemble into an integrated plastic products.

Plastic painting enhances and addes value to custom engineered compounds formulated to meet specific physical requirements. When painting is required, along with other plastic property enhancing additives. Fanmas Group plastic painting experts are rich with experience in polymer and additive science necessary to ensure success of the production.

Masking the hues of various additives isn’t just a matter of adding more pigment, painting specialty compounds must be achieved without altering the physical properties the material was designed to provide an ability to the painter at our company are renowned for.

Plastic painting in specialty compounds can be for identification purposes or custom matched to a specific target of your plastic products. Painting can also provide compounds with a glossy and doff quality appearance or an eye catching special effect look.

This plastic painting is the other stage to the complete series of process and methods to get a marketable plastic products.