Other Fanmas Group plastic processing services is the Plastic Printing Service, as one of secondary process in plastic manufacturing.

Plastic Printing is A process to print a specified product design or images to the palstic product surface with a precise measurement and special techniques. There are many complex ways of treating plastic film for printing to ensure certain properties are achieved. These are often built in to the production cycle to enable coating, laminating and printing to become a continuous process. In other cases, particularly printing, the sheet or film on the reel will be treated as a separate process. A wide range of printing processes - including flexographic and photogravure - are used in the plastic printing industry according to the desired finished effect. Inks and solvents can also be specified according to the needs of the end customer and to the nature of the packaging being produced.

Other alternate process to plastic printing is a coating and laminating, which make two or more materials are bonded together or coated with a special finish. The reasons for doing this include applying a printed or decorated film on to the surface of one substrate so that it is sandwiched between the layers. This can also create barriers to gas or moisture by combining the best properties of different materials to produce one effective material. Heat, pressure or adhesive layers – or a combination of these - are used in the coating and laminating processes to ensure an effective bonding of materials.