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Plastics Component is One of FanmasGroup line of service as manufacturer. There are many manufacturing techniques available to choose for any one specific component. In the modern day ‘Design for manufacture’ and ‘Design for assembly’ often provide the most appropriate manufacturing technique. The main benefits are increased functional performance, reduced time to market and large savings in manufacturing and assembly.

The selection of a manufacturing technique is based on seven main factors

  • Description of the manufacturing technique
  • Materials suitable
  • Process variations
  • Economic factors
  • Design implications
  • Typical applications
  • Quality issues

By examining each factor for each manufacturing technique ensures selection of the optimum process for the designed Plastics Component. The most common manufacturing techniques for plastics component are examined in detail on fanmas group website.

Further aspect, Successful manufacturing procedure normally by plastic injection molding is very dependent upon a wide range of variables. Depend on its manufacturer scale such as machine size, shot size, screw geometry and mold design. Due to these factors, exact machine conditions for optimum processing have to be determined by the processor for the system chosen.

Processing Parameters

The sections that follow will outline the conditions of our manufacture are  strive to achieve. The best processing latitude and ultimate properties in the molded part will then be realized. Finally, startup and shutdown procedures are summarized in the Processing of Plastics Component.

Plastics Component Manufacturer and Services Plastic Mold for Automotive Plastic Molding Finished ProductIn the plastic molding process, there are steps or parameters to complete, as standard procedure. These parameters includes:

  • Dryers
  • Purging
  • Mold Temperature
  • Stock Temperature
  • Heater Band Settings
  • Nozzle Temperature
  • Injection Speed
  • Screw Backpressure
  • Screw RPM
  • Injection and Holding Pressures
  • Cooling Time
  • Regrind
  • and, Colorants.

All should meet certain condition of each Plastics Component purposes. In FanmasGroup, we have strict supervision to make sure the maximum quality and standard in the industry.

Nothing is simple in plastic parts manufacturing, and nothing is difficult if we have certain standards. All parameters in the plastic molding process must be well measured. Chance to improvise is always there, but at least the standard value should be applied.

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