Education divisions on Fanmas Group

Education divisions on Fanmas Group

Fanmas Group Education have built and are maintaining a sustainable business for the benefit of all our partners, customers, clients and team. Our surpluses are solely used to strengthen and re-invest in the company to maximise our reach and our positive impact.

Our business is based on the people who work for us, their skills and abilities and their collective determination to achieve our purpose and goals. As an accredited provider of education business services we develop the future workforce by delivering work-related learning and engaging employers in education.

  1. We provide tailored services to help schools and colleges enrich the curriculum, businesses engage actively in the development of their future workforce, and learners to develop their personal skills and future choices
  2. We help to ensure that the education of young people equips them for their future lives and meets the needs of our communities and labour market
  3. We provide employers with opportunities to actively engage in the development of their future workforce whilst nurturing the talent and skills of their own employees and meeting a range of social responsibility or recruitment needs
  4. We foster partnership between schools and employers to provide students with real experiences of work and an insight into future opportunities.

We help schools to organise a range of activities with support from local employers that provide young people with learning experiences relevant to the world of work.

Through working with real-life employers, young people have the opportunity to think about their future career path and get realistic information about different industries, job roles and responsibilities, employment opportunities, and qualifications and training requirements.
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