Fanmas Group general trading divisions

Fanmas Group general trading divisions

Fanmas Group General Trading is one of the most power full companies Import and Export of various commodities and services from and to (Thailand, Indonesia China, India, Pakistan, and the East Africa to the Global Markets.

Fanmas Group General Trading operates under the following business segments: Plastics Product, Grains, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Commodities, Frozen Foods, New/Used Cars, Wet Blue Leather, Petroleum and Petrochemical products.

Fanmas Group General Trading In Indonesia currently supply quality products ranging from plastic products, Flours, Sauces, Ketchup, biscuits, snacks, chocolates, confectionery, cakes and beverages to over thousands of customers, Amongst them are hotels, fast food chains, Supermarkets, caterers and restaurants.

Fanmas Group has its Own Manufacturing divisions to work on several main products and outsource some products to our supplier network in Indonesia.

Innovation is the mission of the new era, while competition is the symbol of the new era. Fanmas Group has gone through business hardships and market tests for years, which makes the enterprise image mature, its development faster, and its management better, thus having established a good enterprise image. We aim to fructify this vision by satisfying our consumers’ requirements through innovation and excellence. We create value for our customers by continually improving our brands and services, enhancing their quality and by investing in our relationships with business associates.
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